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Knit Connections: Mini-Skein Swap

  • 11/13/2017
  • 5:45 PM - 6:15 PM
  • Promega, Room 122

Mini-Skein Swap

hosted by Theresa Schabes

In November, the Knit Connections program will be a mini-skein swap. To participate, you will need to come prepared, so below are some questions and answers:

What’s a mini-skein? We have defined it as 10 grams of a fingering weight yarn. (Other swaps might have a different gram weight or different yarn weight.)

Why would I want to trade? With a collection of mini-skeins from different yarns, you can knit or crochet lots of fun, colorful projects from toys to blankets. For some pattern ideas, see the discussion and check out the new pattern bundle on the MKG group page on Ravelry.

How do I make a mini-skein? The easiest way is to use a kitchen scale and a ball winder. Weigh the yarn, subtract 10 g from the weight and, leaving the yarn on the scale, wind off yarn until you reach that number.

What yarn should I use? If you are a sock or shawl knitter, you probably already have a bunch of leftovers that could be made into 10 gram mini-skeins. If not, chop up a full skein of yarn, setting one mini-skein aside for yourself. This is a great way to recycle fingering weight yarn that no longer sparks joy, as Mari Condo would say. Solids, semi-solids, variegated, self-striping and speckled yarns are all great for different projects.

How do I wind my mini-skein? Some folks prefer them as actual miniature skeins of yarn. They are pretty, but do require more work to create. Other folks are happy to get a nugget of yarn, just as it comes off the ball winder, or wound into a ball by hand. These might not be as pretty, but can be knit without winding. (I like to make my hand-dyed yarns into mini-skeins, but my commercially-dyed yarns into nuggets. This way I can easily trade like for like.) Be sure to attach a tag with yarn information.

What should I put on my tag? As much info as you can from the label: manufacturer, yarn name, color, fiber content, and, for extra points, laundering instructions. (See above photo for examples.) We all have skeins that have been separated from their labels, and they can be used, but someone looking for only superwash wools would not be interested in a trade.

How many mini-skeins should I bring? The more the merrier! If you have a project in mind, you’ll know how many mini-skeins you need.

What if I start a big project and need more mini-skeins? We are planning to have a mini-skein exchange at the Knit-In in March. If there’s still a need after that, we can arrange an informal swap at a later meeting.

Mini-skein exchanges are a great way to try out new yarns, fibers, or dyers. They also lead to projects where we get to play with color. Knit up a project with only mini-skeins, or combine them with a solid yarn to show them off. Either way, mini-skeins are a good time.


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