Donation Tags

Tags are pinned to donations, except dishcloths and toys. You can pick up tags for your knitted donations at the Community Projects donations tables at every meeting, or print a tag by following these instructions.

  1. All donations have a primary MKG tag attached
  2. For scarves intended for women served by Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (see Partner Agencies), a second tag is added.

Downloading and Printing Donation Tags

You can also download and print the tags yourself. Each tag sheet contains 10 tags with cut lines and may be printed either on Avery business card stock (Avery 5376 or equivalent) or plain card stock paper.

The printable sheets can be downloaded here:

Attaching the Tags

For tags distributed at donation tables, we punch a hole in the upper right corner of each tag, loop a length of yarn, string, or narrow ribbon through the hole and knot it. Insert a safety pin through the knot and pin the tag to the donation item.  If using two tags, loop the yarn, string, or ribbon through both tags together.


NOTE: If you would like to send a donation of yarn, supplies, fleece, or completed  knitted, crocheted, or woven items to Community Projects and are unable to do so at one of the Guild's monthly meetings, please email: to make arrangements for getting your donation to us.

Thank you for knitting for others!

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