How You Can Donate Supplies

Under normal circumstances, we collect:

  • Yarn
    Polar fleece for baby blankets (minimum 36x28”), and
    Knitted, Crocheted, or Woven items

But during Covid, we will send out a notice to pickup your donations on the first Saturday of the month. We will also provide you with yarn to knit for others, upon your request. Keep an eye out for an email or read our section of the newsletter for news on our Donation Pickup and Delivery Day.

Prior to delivery, please inspect for the following:

  • Cleanliness (no evidence of dirt or insect, rodent, or mammal intrusion/parts/droppings)
    Odor (must be odor free)
    Mold or Heavy Dust (must be free of mold, dust, or other fine particles)
    Animal hair (no cat, dog, or other animal hair)
    Plant material (leaves/stems/roots)

NOTE: Unable to make a donation at a monthly guild meeting? No problem! Just send an  email to and we will happily do our best to make arrangements that work for you.

For information on donation of completed items, see the main Community Projects page

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