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How You Can Donate Supplies

We collect:

  • Yarn
    Polar fleece for baby blankets (minimum 36x28”), and
    Knitted, Crocheted, or Woven items

Donations should be clean and odor free.

Donations can be made at monthly meetings or any of these local yarn shops:

  • Flaxen Fleece - 800 Water St, Sauk City
  • Kaleidoscope - 131 W Main St, Cambridge
  • Sunset Yarns - 3742 Speedway Rd, Madison
  • The Sow’s Ear - 125 S Main St, Verona

NOTE: Unable to make a donation during a monthly meeting? No problem! Just send an  email to communityprojects@madisonknittersguild.com and we will happily do our best to make arrangements that work for you.

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