Guild Events

Below is a calendar of events that are offered by the guild.

Cancellation Policy: There is no refund on registration fees. While we understand that circumstances may arise that cause your plans to change, we must adhere to a business policy. Because it is impossible for Madison Knitters Guild to favor one individual situation or circumstance over another, we adhere to our policy in all situations and make no exceptions to our cancellation policy. We offer a forum where you can post notices to find a substitute. 

Year: 2014

1January, 2014
Jan 13 January Guild Meeting
Jan 19 Neighborhood Knits - Kitchener Secrets
Jan 22 Neighborhood Knits - Principles of Color For Knitters
Feb 10 February Guild Meeting
Feb 15 Neighborhood Knits - Mattress Stitch
Feb 20 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Socks (1 of 2)
Feb 27 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Socks (2 of 2)
Mar 10 March Guild Meeting
Mar 12 Neighborhood Knits - Keep Calm and Cast On - Teaching Others to Knit
Mar 14 2014 Knit-In March 14-16
Mar 14 A Night with Franklin Habit
Apr 05 Neighborhood Knits - Jogless Knitting in the Round
Apr 07 Neighborhood Knits - The Essential Hat
Apr 08 Neighborhood Knits - Mitered Squares
Apr 13 Neighborhood Knits - Getting Picked Up!
Apr 14 April Guild Meeting
Apr 15 Neighborhood Knits - Judy's Magic Cast On
Apr 19 Neighborhood Knits - Mobius Cast On
Apr 22 Neighborhood Knits - Magic Circular Cast-On
Apr 29 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Cables
May 03 Double Knitting Inside Out
May 12 May Guild Meeting (Members Only)
May 31 Neighborhood Knits - Portuguese-style Knitting
Jun 07 Knitting Safari 2014 Minneapolis
Jun 18 MKG Stitch 'n Pitch with the Mallards
Jun 28 Neighborhood Knits - Summer Shawl Party
Aug 09 Stitches Midwest
Aug 11 August Bonus Guild Meeting
Sep 08 September Guild Meeting
Sep 21 Knit Along - Taking our Measurements
Oct 10 Design Master Class
Oct 12 The Final Touch: Finishing Class
Oct 13 Lace Techniques
Oct 13 October Guild Meeting (Members Only)
Oct 19 Knit Along - Checking our Swatches
Oct 20 Neighborhood Knits - Math for Knitters
Oct 25 Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago
Oct 29 Neighborhood Knits - I-Cord Cowl: An Introduction to I-Cord (class 1 of 2)
Nov 05 Neighborhood Knits - I-Cord Cowl: An Introduction to I-Cord (class 2 of 2)
Nov 09 Two Color Knitting - Let's Begin
Nov 09 Scandinavian Colorwork
Nov 10 Fresh Fair Isle
Nov 10 November Guild Meeting
Nov 16 Knit Along - Casting on our Sweaters
Nov 17 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Cables
Nov 20 Neighborhood Knits - Magic Loop Method for Socks
Dec 01 December Guild Meeting
Dec 14 Knit Along - Sweater Shaping
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