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Cancellation Policy: There is no refund on registration fees. While we understand that circumstances may arise that cause your plans to change, we must adhere to a business policy. Because it is impossible for Madison Knitters Guild to favor one individual situation or circumstance over another, we adhere to our policy in all situations and make no exceptions to our cancellation policy. We offer a forum where you can post notices to find a substitute. 

Upcoming events

    • 10/14/2019
    • 05/11/2020
    • 2 sessions
    • Promega Corporation 5445 E. Cheryl Pkwy Fitchburg, WI 53711
    Registration is closed

    Brown Bag Exchange

    19th Annual Brown Bag Exchange

    This year's Annual Brown Bag Exchange theme is "Inspired By nature". Beginning with the October 14th meeting when you bring your yarn to the Guild Meeting, ending May 11th when you bring the completed project to it’s recipient, with 7 months in between to complete your project the Brown Bag Exchange ( aka BBE) is a MKG tradition that encourages you to learn or perfect a knitting technique, make a new friend or two (or more!!!!) and have fun!

    • 11/23/2019
    • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Classroom, Wisconsin Craft Market, 148 Westgate Mall, Madison
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    Join the Double Knitting Revolution!  The Double Knitting technique has been around for centuries with only minor changes but has had a huge increase in popularity in recent years.  Come and find out what everyone is talking about. In this class you'll learn:

    • what IS double knitting? 

    • history of double knitting

    • double knitting guidelines

    • double knitting terminology

    • how to cast on using two colors

    • how to double knit

    • how to double knit inside out

    • how to make a headband using double knitting techniques

    Skills needed: know how to cast on, bind off, knit, and purl

    Materials needed: 2 different colors of basic worsted weight yarn (no novelty yarn)

    16” circular needles in a size appropriate for your yarn

    Paper for taking notes

    Pen or Pencil

    Stitch markers appropriate for your needles

    Scissors (optional)

    Yarn needle (optional)

    Instructor: Mary Jo Harris

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    • 12/10/2019
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Fitchburg Public Library, 5530 Lacy Rd., Fitchburg, WI
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    Basic Entrelac


    Learn the basic Entrelac technique.  We will also discuss various projects for the Entrelac technique.

    Necessary materials:

    Light colored yarn for use with size 8 needles – straight or circular

    Required advance work: None

    Experience level requiredHave a basic understanding of Knit & Purl stitch

    Instructor: Sandy Gordon

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    • 12/12/2019
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • 2nd Floor Meeting Room, Fitchburg Public Library, 5530 Lacy Rd., Fitchburg, WI
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    Cast On & Cast Off Techniques


    Provisional Cast on:  useful when you want to add a border after finishing a piece or when you want to start your work and decide on a finish later. The cast on is temporary and is removed to add a border or graft two pieces of knitting together. It is often used when adding a lace border to a shawl or scarf.  In situations where you are unsure of the amount of yarn you need or when you want to add a contrasting border, provisional cast on is a handy tool. A provisional cast on also allows you to have perfect symmetry in a scarf. Learn a stretchy lace cast off to give your lace edge a perfect finish.

    Simple provisional and crochet chain provisional cast on will be covered.

    Chinese Waitress Cast on and matching cast off:  This is a version of cable cast on. It is very effective with 1 x 1 ribbing, casting on stitches in the middle of a row as in a thumb gusset, and for casting on large numbers of stitches.  This beautiful cast on looks the same on both sides of the knitting. A matching cast off technique will also be covered.

    I-cord cast on:   For a neat bound edge on, for example a baby blanket, start with I-cord cast-on, use a knit-in I-cord selvage and bind off with I-cord.  

    Picot cast off.  This cast off technique is often used on lace and baby garments.  It takes a bit of time to work across a long edge, but creates a lovely scalloped edge.

    Necessary materials:

    1 set US size 8 - 10 knitting needles (single point or circular),

    1 set US size 6 – 9 double pointed needles (should be smaller than other needles),

    size G or larger crochet hook,

    Worsted or Aran weight yarn in 2 contrasting colors,

    paper and pen for notes. 

    If you happen to have a technique book with cast on instructions, you may want to bring along so that you can reference with class notes.

    Required advance work: none  

    Experience level required: class appropriate for absolute beginning knitters 

    Instructor: Barbara Rottman

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    • 01/10/2020
    • 7:00 AM
    • 01/12/2020
    • 5:00 PM
    • Chalet Landhaus, New Glarus, WI
    • 65

    Chase away those Winter Doldrums and join us for the 2020 Winter Retreat. Mark your calendar for Friday, January 10th through Sunday, January 12th, for 3 days of knitting, visiting, snacking, and all around fun! Come for a few hours, one day, or stay and hang-out for all 3!

    Start something brand new, bring your current WIP, or dig out that UFO that haunts you  when ever you think of it  and ring the bell when you get it done. We will have a swap, eat great food, meet-up with old friends and make new ones while enjoying the quaint community of New Glarus.

    The Chalet Landhaus is offering a special room rate so after you REGISTER IN ADVANCE at the Guild website, call and reserve your room. Just make sure you mention that you are attending the MKG retreat and let them know which days.

    Registration is free for members and opens December 10th, 2019. Registration will be open to guests on December 17th, 2019 for $15.00.

    • 01/11/2020
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Wyndham Garden Hotel- Ballroom A
    • 10

    Are you someone who has a stash, full of single lonesome skeins, looking for the perfect project?  Do you find that you're just not sure what exactly to do with that skein of crazy clown-colored hand-painted yarn, but you love the colors?  Are you unsure how to select yarns, from your stash, to swap into a project to make sure you get a great final outcome?  This class will help explore options for using those "What do I do with THIS?!?" skeins in your stash: with suggestions to set you up for success.  You will learn lots of great tips and hints, becoming an expert "Yarn Whisperer", to let your stash tell you what it should be! 


    Supplies: Notebook, pencil, yarns you would like to find a project for!

    Class fee: MKG Member = $45, Non-member = $55 


    *The Madison Knitters' Guild has a no refunds policy.*

    • 01/11/2020
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Wyndham Garden Hotel- Ballroom A
    • 13


    Crafters of all kinds need to understand how colors work together in order to get the most dazzling results from their handiwork!  This class will cover the basics of using a color wheel, delve into tone and value, and practice using color swatches to make good color choices for your next project.  We will also discuss some web-based resources which can help you create inspiring color groupings.  We will have ample time to mix and match color palettes, and play with ways to add that "pop" of color to a project.  

    This class is suitable for all types of Fiber Crafters!  We will discuss specifics for knitters, hand spinners, crocheters, weavers, quilters and sewers.  Class participants are encouraged to bring projects and project materials that they would like help with, and class time will be allowed to experimenting with color choices for your next beautiful creation.


    Supplies: Notebook, pencils, projects and materials you would like help with

    Class Fee: MKG Members=$45, Non-Members=$55

    Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm

    *The Madison Knitters' Guild has a no refunds policy.*

    • 01/12/2020
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Wyndham Garden Hotel- Ballroom A
    • 3

    Round yoke sweaters are flattering and rewarding to knit-once you understand the shaping details!  In this class, we will focus on top-down construction and and discuss shaping the yoke and underarms for a well-fitted and comfortable sweater.  The first half of this class will cover the techniques of increasing and decreasing, the math behind this type of construction and ways to customize the fit of your sweater.  Once you have watched a yarn, stitch and color pattern, you will be able to plan a custom-fit yoke using Anne's worksheet! So bring your swatch, (or work with hypothetical numbers) because stitch and row gauge are equally critical when planning a yoke.  The second half of our class will continue to build on the morning's skills as we talk about stitch pattern choices and some basic color theory suggestions to tailor your design to your own personal taste.

    NOTE: This is a six-hour class with a one hour lunch break from 12:00-1:00

    HOMEWORK:Using any weight of yarn (one that you enjoy working with) and appropriately sized needles, cast on, knit and block a 4"x4" square in stockinette stitch. Bring this swatch to class

       SUPPLIES: Bring a notebook, pencil, calculator(one on a Smartphone is fine),and  tape measure. Optional:Yoke sweater pattern(s) that you have questions about or  might want to knit. Stitch patterns( lace, cables, colorwork, textural) that you like and might want to incorporate into a yoke.

    CLASS FEE: MKG Members=$85, Non-Members= $100

    Time:9:00am-5:00pm(full-day class)

    *The Madison Knitters' Guild has a no refunds policy.*

    • 02/07/2020
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Wyndham Garden Hotel- Ballroom A
    • 0
    Registration is closed

    Explore clever ways to shape knitted fabric with Stephen West.  

    In this class, we will play with short rows, different methods of increases and decreases, bind offs and cast ons to create unique shapes.  Westknits designs are all about using simple techniques in different ways to achieve delightful architectural forms.  You will get an inside look into Stephen's design process and walk away with your own shape exploration that may just inspire your next shawl or sweater project

    Duration: 3 hours

    Skill level:  Adventurous Beginner to Advanced

    Materials: Please bring US 6 or US7/4mm or 4.5mm circular needles and at least two colors of DK weight yarn to use during the workshop.  Fingering weight yarn and US 5/3.75mm needles may also be used if you prefer knitting with a finer weight, but DK weight yarn will help your shapes grow more quickly!

    Wear your WestKnits!  Don't forget to bring your Westknits or other favorite knitted projects to wear and show off during the workshop

    Homework: none

    *The Madison Knitters' Guild has a no refunds policy.*

    • 02/08/2020
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Wyndham Garden Hotel- Ballroom A
    • 0
    Registration is closed


    Join Stephen West as he takes you a shawl journey that begins with his very first triangular shawl pattern"Boneyard Shawl" Ten years later, Stephen is still creating adventurous shawl shapes that transform from simple architectural shapes into complex splashy displays of color.  We will experiment with elements like colorful stripes, WestKnits shortcut rows and yarn overs to turn our simple triangles int shapely shawl evolutions.  After exploring techniques, you will have the opportunity to cast on one of the projects from "Shawl Evolution" with Stephen's help, or to mix up your favorite elements into your own shawl mashup! Enjoy an invigorating workshop filled with color and texture!

    Duration: 3 hours

    Skill level:  Adventurous Beginner to Advanced

    Materials: Bring at least 10 colors of yarn and several sizes of needles to play with. Mohair and alpaca yarns are encouraged to bring some texture to your project.  If you choose,bring wound yarn, needles and a Westknits pattern of your choice to cast on in class.

    Wear your WestKnits!  Don't forget to bring your Westknits or other favorite knitted projects to wear and show off during the workshop

    Homework: none

    *The Madison Knitters' Guild has a no refunds policy.*

    • 02/09/2020
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Wyndham Garden Hotel- Ballroom A
    • 0
    Registration is closed

    This class is all about showing off beautiful yarns with simple techniques combined in clever ways Techniques like stripes, short rows and holding yarns together will be explored and combined to create bold architectural shapes .Stephen will show off a colorful array of Westknits designs while encouraging you to look at yarn in a new way.

    If you have a colorful Westknits project you would like to begin, there will be time to cast on a new project in the last hour of class.  Recommended projects: Penguono, Marled Magic Shawl, Marled Magic Sweater,Dotted Rays, Parachutey, Chevron Shenanigans, Marled Fade Triangle, Vertices Unite, or any favorite Westnits design that uses several colors striped or marled together.

    Duration: 3 hours

    Skill level:  All skill levels welcome!

    Materials: Please bring an array of colorful scrap yarn (10 colors or more)for swatching. All kinds of yarn weights and fibers will work.  Mohair and textural fibers are encourages for exploring marled color techniques.  Bring several different needle sizes for exploration.

    Wear your WestKnits!  Don't forget to bring your Westknits or other favorite knitted projects to wear and show off during the workshop

    Homework: none

    *The Madison Knitters' Guild has a no refunds policy.*

    • 02/10/2020
    • Madison Marriott West
    • 99

    February 10, 2020 Membership Meeting - Guest Speaker Stephen West!

    Please sign-up if you are planning to attend the February meeting with Stephen West. If you are not signed-up, we may not be able to guarantee you a seat to hear Stephen. Due to an anticipated larger than normal attendance the location of the meeting has been changed to the Madison Marriott West - 1313 John Q Hammons Dr, Middleton, WI 53562

    Thanks so much, and we will hope to see you there!

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11/03/2019 Neighborhood Knits - 3 Ways to Create a Buttonhole
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04/08/2019 Member Stash Sale 2019
04/07/2019 KAL: Lace (& Lace-ness)
03/15/2019 MKG Knit-In 2019
03/11/2019 March Guild Meeting
02/28/2019 50th Anniversary Tours at the Helen Louise Textile Collection
02/17/2019 KAL: Lace (& Lace-ness)
02/11/2019 February Guild Meeting
01/20/2019 KAL: Lace (& Lace-ness)
01/14/2019 January Guild Meeting
01/11/2019 Winter Retreat 2019
12/16/2018 KAL: Lace (& Lace-ness)
12/10/2018 December Guild Meeting
12/08/2018 Introduction to Brioche
12/08/2018 Introduction to Brioche
11/18/2018 KAL: Lace (& Lace-ness)
11/15/2018 Cast On!
11/12/2018 November Guild Meeting--Members Only
11/11/2018 Lace from the Inside Out- Romi Hill
11/11/2018 LaceHacker- Romi Hill
11/10/2018 Lace & Cable Surgery - Romi Hill
11/10/2018 Introduction to Steeking
11/10/2018 Shapely Shawls -Romi Hill
11/07/2018 Cast On!
10/28/2018 All Thumbs - Variations for Mittens
10/27/2018 Introduction to Color Knitting
10/24/2018 Mitered Square Basics with Sandy Gordon
10/23/2018 Introduction to Steeking
10/21/2018 2018-2019 KAL: Lace (& Lace-ness)
10/13/2018 Yarn and Hops
10/10/2018 Mitered Square Basics with Sandy Gordon
10/08/2018 October Guild Meeting--Members Only
10/08/2018 Socktastic Stitch Patterns - JC Briar
10/08/2018 Slick Set-In Sleeves - JC Briar
10/07/2018 Lace That Grows - JC Briar
10/07/2018 Mapping Lace Scarves - JC Briar
09/26/2018 Entrelac Basics with Sandy Gordon -
09/20/2018 Bind Offs: firm, loose, stretchy
09/16/2018 2018-2019 KAL: Lace (& Lace-ness)
09/10/2018 September Guild Meeting
08/04/2018 STITCHES MIDWEST 2018
07/09/2018 Summer Knitting
07/06/2018 Summer Music in the Park
06/19/2018 Entrelac Basics with Sandy Gordon -
06/13/2018 Short Rows – How to execute and implement - with Kim Langley-
06/11/2018 Summer Knitting
05/19/2018 Cast On! - Useful Cast On Techniques -
05/14/2018 May Guild Meeting--MEMBERS ONLY
04/28/2018 Learn Steeking! -
04/14/2018 Short Rows – How to execute and implement - with Kim Langley-
04/09/2018 April Guild Meeting-MEMBERS ONLY
04/08/2018 Knit a Square, Create a Cuddly Creature
04/08/2018 Edgings/Flowers/Embellishments
04/07/2018 Fantastic French Cord (aka:I-Cord)
04/07/2018 Knitting Block by Block
03/16/2018 MKG Knit-In 2018
03/12/2018 March Guild Meeting
02/12/2018 February Guild Meeting
01/19/2018 Winter Retreat 2018
01/08/2018 January Guild Meeting
12/11/2017 December Guild Meeting
12/03/2017 Bohus KAL Meeting
11/19/2017 Neighborhood Knits - Finishing help in time for the Holidays!
11/13/2017 November Guild Meeting--MEMBERS ONLY
11/13/2017 Knit Connections: Mini-Skein Swap
11/13/2017 Double Knitting Off the Grid
11/13/2017 Multi-Color Double Knitting
11/12/2017 Two Pattern Double Knitting
11/12/2017 Introduction to Double Knitting
11/05/2017 Bohus KAL Meeting
11/04/2017 Neighborhood Knits - Math for Knitters with Mary Hamel
10/24/2017 Neighborhood Knits - Mitered Squares with Sandy Gordon
10/14/2017 Neighborhood Knits - Portuguese-Style Knitting with Mary Jo Harris
10/10/2017 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Cables with Sandy Gordon
10/09/2017 October Guild Meeting- MEMBERS ONLY
10/09/2017 Neighborhood Knits - Taking our Measurements with Margy Blanchard
10/09/2017 Helen Allen Textile Collection Tour
10/09/2017 Helen Allen Textile Collection Tour
10/02/2017 Neighborhood Knits - Double Knitting with Mary Jo Harris
09/24/2017 Bohus KAL Kickoff
09/11/2017 September Guild Meeting
09/09/2017 WALK & KNIT RELAY
08/14/2017 Summer Knitting
07/17/2017 Summer Knitting
05/08/2017 May Guild Meeting -- Members Only
05/08/2017 Member Stash Sale
05/06/2017 SPRING SAFARI 2017
04/10/2017 April Guild Meeting
04/10/2017 Stories in Stitches Sampler
04/10/2017 Lithuanian Beaded Wristwarmers
04/09/2017 Knit Along (KAL) Two Color Knitting (Sweater) AND Socks
03/26/2017 Knit Along (KAL) Two Color Knitting (Sweater) AND Socks
03/17/2017 Knit-In!
03/13/2017 March Guild Meeting -- Members Only
02/22/2017 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Cables
02/19/2017 Knit Along (KAL) Two Color Knitting (Sweater) AND Socks
02/15/2017 Mad Rollin' Dolls Knitting Session 2
02/13/2017 February Guild Meeting
01/25/2017 Mad Rollin' Dolls Knitting Session 1
01/22/2017 Knit Along (KAL) Two Color Knitting (Sweater) AND Socks
01/20/2017 Winter Retreat 2017
01/09/2017 January Guild Meeting
12/12/2016 December Guild Meeting
12/11/2016 Deck the Halls
12/11/2016 Embellished Knitting
11/14/2016 November Guild Meeting
11/13/2016 Math for Knitters
11/13/2016 5 Knit Buttonholes You Need to Know Now
11/06/2016 Knit Along (KAL) Two Color Knitting (Sweater) AND Mittens
11/05/2016 Neigborhood Knits - Crochet for Knitters
10/23/2016 Knit Along (KAL) Two Color Knitting (Sweater) AND Mittens
10/17/2016 Neighborhood Knits - Mitered Squares
10/15/2016 Neighborhood Knits - Getting Started with Double-Pointed Needles
10/10/2016 October Guild Meeting -- Members Only
10/10/2016 1-Day Sequence Knitting Workshop
10/10/2016 Brown Bag Exchange: 2-Color Knitting
10/09/2016 1-Day Sequence Knitting Workshop
09/27/2016 Neighborhood Knits - Two Color Knitting
09/18/2016 Knit Along (KAL) Two Color Knitting (Sweater) AND Mittens
09/12/2016 September Guild Meeting
09/10/2016 WALK & KNIT RELAY
08/07/2016 Stitches Midwest
05/11/2016 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Socks - The HEEL
05/09/2016 May Guild Meeting (Members Only)
05/09/2016 Member Stash Sale
05/04/2016 Neighborhood Knits - Mitered Squares - 2016
04/29/2016 Neighborhood Knits -An Introduction to One-Color Brioche Knitting
04/27/2016 Neighborhood Knits -Introduction to Sock Darning
04/11/2016 April Guild Meeting
04/11/2016 A Taste of Lace with Andrea Jurgrau, Bad Cat Designs
04/03/2016 Knit Along (KAL) Top Down Sweater
04/02/2016 Spring Safari to the Vesterheim
03/18/2016 Knit-In 2016
03/14/2016 March Guild Meeting
03/13/2016 Knit Along (KAL) Top Down Sweater
02/21/2016 Knit Along (KAL) Top Down Sweater
02/13/2016 Mad Rollin' Dolls Knitting Session 2
02/08/2016 February Guild Meeting
01/22/2016 Winter Retreat 2016
01/13/2016 Mad Rollin' Dolls Knitting Session 1
01/11/2016 January Guild Meeting
01/10/2016 Knit Along (KAL) Top Down Sweater
12/14/2015 December Guild Meeting
12/13/2015 Knit Along (KAL) Top Down Sweater
12/09/2015 Neighborhood Knits -Mittens-Let's Knit a Little Thumb
11/30/2015 Neighborhood Knits -Ravelry 101
11/16/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Crochet an Ornament Cover
11/15/2015 Knit Along (KAL) Top Down Sweater
11/09/2015 November Guild Meeting
11/04/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Head's Up--Hat Knitting Skills
10/29/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Provisional Cast On
10/23/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Double Knitting
10/18/2015 Knit Along (KAL) Top Down Sweater
10/14/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Kitchener Secrets
10/12/2015 October Guild Meeting (Members Only)
10/12/2015 The Edge of Color
10/12/2015 Embellishing Knits
10/06/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Cables - October 6, 2015
10/03/2015 Vogue Knitting Live! Chicago Bus Trip
09/19/2015 All About the Scalloped Edge: Finishing a Traditional Haapsalu Shawl or Scarf
09/19/2015 Nordic Color--Roositud, An Inlay Technique From Estonia
09/18/2015 Estonian Cuffs
09/17/2015 Traditional Estonian Mittens
09/14/2015 September Guild Meeting
08/22/2015 Secrets of the MKG Website or Everything you wanted to know but didn't know how to ask . . .
08/05/2015 Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection Private Showing
07/07/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Making Magic Balls
06/26/2015 MKG Stitch 'n Pitch with the Mallards
05/11/2015 May Guild Meeting (Members Only)
04/28/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Crochet a Snowflake
04/18/2015 Knitting Safari - Spring 2015
04/13/2015 April Guild Meeting
03/28/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Socks (2 of 2)
03/21/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Socks (1 of 2)
03/09/2015 March Guild Meeting
02/20/2015 2015 Knit-In
02/09/2015 February Guild Meeting
01/12/2015 January Guild Meeting
12/14/2014 Knit Along - Sweater Shaping
12/01/2014 December Guild Meeting
11/20/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Magic Loop Method for Socks
11/17/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Cables
11/16/2014 Knit Along - Casting on our Sweaters
11/10/2014 November Guild Meeting
11/10/2014 Fresh Fair Isle
11/09/2014 Scandinavian Colorwork
11/09/2014 Two Color Knitting - Let's Begin
11/05/2014 Neighborhood Knits - I-Cord Cowl: An Introduction to I-Cord (class 2 of 2)
10/29/2014 Neighborhood Knits - I-Cord Cowl: An Introduction to I-Cord (class 1 of 2)
10/25/2014 Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago
10/20/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Math for Knitters
10/19/2014 Knit Along - Checking our Swatches
10/13/2014 October Guild Meeting (Members Only)
10/13/2014 Lace Techniques
10/12/2014 The Final Touch: Finishing Class
10/10/2014 Design Master Class
09/21/2014 Knit Along - Taking our Measurements
09/08/2014 September Guild Meeting
08/11/2014 August Bonus Guild Meeting
08/09/2014 Stitches Midwest
06/28/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Summer Shawl Party
06/18/2014 MKG Stitch 'n Pitch with the Mallards
06/07/2014 Knitting Safari 2014 Minneapolis
05/31/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Portuguese-style Knitting
05/12/2014 May Guild Meeting (Members Only)
05/03/2014 Double Knitting Inside Out
04/29/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Cables
04/22/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Magic Circular Cast-On
04/19/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Mobius Cast On
04/15/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Judy's Magic Cast On
04/14/2014 April Guild Meeting
04/13/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Getting Picked Up!
04/08/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Mitered Squares
04/07/2014 Neighborhood Knits - The Essential Hat
04/05/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Jogless Knitting in the Round
03/14/2014 A Night with Franklin Habit
03/14/2014 2014 Knit-In March 14-16
03/12/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Keep Calm and Cast On - Teaching Others to Knit
03/10/2014 March Guild Meeting
02/27/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Socks (2 of 2)
02/20/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Socks (1 of 2)
02/15/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Mattress Stitch
02/10/2014 February Guild Meeting
01/22/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Principles of Color For Knitters
01/19/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Kitchener Secrets
01/13/2014 January Guild Meeting
12/09/2013 December Guild Meeting
12/08/2013 Knit Along - Fit to Flatter
11/13/2013 Neighborhood Knits - Beginning Lace
11/11/2013 November Guild Meeting
11/02/2013 Vogue Knitting Live! Bus Trip
10/14/2013 October Guild Meeting
09/09/2013 September Guild Meeting (Members Only)
08/10/2013 Stitches Midwest Bus Trip
06/12/2013 MKG Stitch 'n Pitch with the Mallards
06/01/2013 Knitting Safari - Summer 2013
05/13/2013 May Guild Meeting
05/05/2013 Neighborhood Knits - 2-Color Knitting with Ease!
04/25/2013 Neighborhood Knits - Portuguese Knitting
04/16/2013 Neighborhood Knits - Provisional Cast On
04/08/2013 April Guild Meeting
04/06/2013 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Crochet Animals
03/11/2013 March Guild Meeting
03/08/2013 2013 Knit-In
02/28/2013 Neighborhood Knits - Double Knitting
02/18/2013 Neighborhood Knits - Choices from the Beginning!
02/11/2013 February Guild Meeting
01/25/2013 UFO Retreat
01/15/2013 Neighborhood Knits - Brioche Knitting
01/14/2013 January Guild Meeting
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