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Calendar for 2014-2015

Ongoing Projects
  • Handmade Especially for You: Guild member Lois Anderson collects hand knitted or crocheted scarves (fashion or warmth) that are donated to women entering domestic abuse shelters. The scarf is a symbol and reminder of the woman’s strength and courage for leaving the abusive environment. Please make them 56 or 60 in. long and no more than 5 to 6 inches wide. Leave drop them off at the Community table and add a tag with your name and care instructions. Contact Lois at or visit for information on how this project got started.
  • Monona Library Summer Reading Program Prizes: The critters we made were a big hit with the kids in Monona (and with Guild members, too). We decided to make this a year-round Guild Community Knitting Project. Please click on the "Library Critters" link on the left for small and medium critters which we think will appeal to young readers at the library.  We were able to deliver 647 critters to the library in May 2014.   

Monthly Projects:

Each month the Community Projects Committee collects and delivers hand-knitted items to one or more community agencies. At monthly meetings come check out the community tables.  There will be Ready to Knit Kits available including everything you need to knit a project and patterns too.

September and October 2014:

  • MMSD Emerson and Frank Allis Elementary Schools:  Mittens and hats for children ages 4-11
These schools have a high number of chidlren that are disadvantaged, approximately 75% are eligible for free or reduced food programs.  Washable items are preferred.  Looking for a pattern? 

November 2014:

  • Porchlight Inc.:  All items for Men: Greatest need is for warm socks especially L, XL, XXL and XXXL. Theses can also be store bought. Large hats and mittens are the next highest need and lastly scarves.
  • The Road Home:  All items for children ages 2-11, highest need is for hats and mittens; warm scarves are also accepted

December 2014:

January 2015:

February 2015:

    March 2015:

    • Edgewood College, Nursing Program for Midwives in Tanzania: Newborn hats and booties

    April 2015:

    • Hand Made Especially for You:   Fashion or warm scarves for women entering domestic abuse shelters  (approximately 4” to 4.5” wide by 56” to 60” long)

    May 2015:

    Donations of yarn, needles, hooks, and other knitting notions will be accepted throughout the year. They are used  in many ways:

     December Sale benefiting Second Harvest Foodbank

    Yarn  for knitters in WI prisons

    Local children learning to knit in schools, at the Madison Children's Museum

    Knitting for Seniors

    Materials for our Ready to Knit Kits (scarves, hats, mittens, booties, critters)

    Scraps are given to local schools  

    During some meetings throughout the year yarn will be available to members without charge for making community projects or for $1 per skein for personal use. 

    Labels with the Madison Knitters’ Guild logo are provided for your knit items. Please feel free to attach one to each of your donated items and note care instructions.  

    If you would like to request donations for another community agency or cause, we welcome your suggestions! Please contact Rae Sprague at This will help the board coordinate multiple ongoing projects and assist with passing on your information to members not in attendance.

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